We are a company with a vision to be Africa’s foremost Travel Technology Company with a view to enthroning Smart Tourism in Africa. Although there is a certain amount of luck involved in some travel technology start-up success stories, a great deal can be done to increase the long-term growth potential of a new company. The most important factor is ensuring that a start-up is either solving a pain point in the market in a scalable way, or providing a significantly better version of a solution that already exists. Once a strong initial plan is in place, it’s essential to identify a method to differentiate a company from other competing start-ups and established players. As the technological and consumer landscapes rapidly evolve, travel tech start-ups must be able to adapt to meet the growing expectations for convenience and immediacy of information. Companies that are designed with these key factors in mind will be well-positioned to gain initial traction and achieve success in the long-term. We are that Company